Motion project for a local producer of hot chilli sauces based in the magical Southern highlands.
Personal COVID project which started in the first week of the first lockdown. 
Motion and stills project for BVLGARI new line 'Serpenti' which was focused on the Roman heritage of the brand.
Proactive campaign for the latest Volkswagen T-Cross
Personal motion project about the Peter preparing for his triathlon race.
Editorial project for Black magazine loosely based on Black swan movie.
Commercial project for American brand Toms of Maine breaking into Australian market.
Little fun project taking you back in time through the audio and visual trickery.
Commercial project including stills and motion for Microsoft Surface.
Motion and stills project for Google highlighting the creative ways people fight the Covid pandemic restrictions with the help of Google projects.
Little quirky motion piece for Kenwood shot during the challenging lockdown times. Directed from my Sydney studio we had the talent in their own individual apartments in Melbourne. Quite a logistical feat.
Stills and motion project for Colgate International
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